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Robin Camacho


Neighborhood Realty

521 S 7th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Having lived in both the northern and southern parts of the state, broker Robin Camacho has spent her life building relationships in government, public relations and real estate. As the backbone of the Camacho Group, Robin is highly attuned to the needs and growth of her team, a handpicked group of exceptional self-starters from hospitality and other backgrounds that provide a foundation of service, communication and innovation.

Robin is focused on helping clients build wealth through real estate, the hallmark of an agent who looks at the entire picture: from her clients’ present home needs to the home’s investment benefits in the future. Creative and tenacious, Robin’s determination means she doesn’t stop until she’s settled on a great price for her sellers or a good deal for her buyers. Responsive and available, Robin also prides herself as being a touchstone for counsel, always ready to advise, listen and provide input to her clients. Whether in residential or commercial real estate, Robin enjoys good relations with vendors and lenders to develop a winning strategy for her clients. She specializes in 1/2-acre properties such as horse/rural properties, as well as properties with a view.

Away from the office, Robin spends her time growing her own property investments, spending time with her large family and Doberman "Buddy", traveling, diving, reading up on the latest real estate news and innovations, and sampling new restaurants. In fact, her love of fine dining inspired Robin to create “Dinner Downtown,” a foodie MeetUp group that gathers multiple times monthly to sample the latest in Southern Nevada dining offerings.

Robin’s best piece of advice for sellers is, first, to speak with a reputable listing agent before prepping your home for sale. Following this step can mean saving money ahead of making any big spends in home improvements for the best return on investment down the road. Next, remember to always research your chosen agent before committing to a relationship. Ask for proof of their sales to verify that their presentation is backed up with results. Finally, in our modern age, marketing is one of the key tools a good agent uses to sell your home. Ask to see your agent’s marketing plan ahead of time. Find an agent who will include professional photos, 3D video, and other elements that include a grasp of recent technologies.

Robin warns sellers against making the mistake of ignoring comparable sales and overpricing their homes. This can affect sale price in the long run as many buyers will perceive something to be wrong with a home the longer it stays on the market. Trying to sell your home on your own is another mistake often made. Because the industry is complicated and highly regulated, a good agent can save you more than they will cost you in the end.

For buyers, the biggest mistake often made is choosing the wrong agent. The internet can often make all agents seem equal, but experience and effectiveness go beyond a flashy website. With agents able to buy leads from “lead aggregators” like Zillow and Trulia, you may find yourself being treated like any other “lead”. Research and interview agents carefully, sign a Buyer Broker Agreement with the agent you select and listen to your agent’s advice! The Buyer Broker Agreement will motivate an agent to work hard on your behalf, knowing you won’t suddenly choose to work with another agent on a whim after the hard work has been completed.